Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paradise Awaits


So 17 more days of classes, 26 days total til Slope Day, and only 47 days til graduation! My college career is almost at a close. I'm both extremely excited to finally get my degree after 4 years of hellacious engineering classes and extremely terrified to be leaving mother Cornell. I now have a solid plan for the immediate future, but there are so many question marks in the air. What will I do this summer? Will I still be in touch with college friends? Does Cornell just throw me into the wild the day I walk across Schoellkopf? TBD

As many of you now know I'm going to be an English teaching assistant on the French Island of La Réunion next academic year!!! I'll be doing a program similar to Teach for America except teaching for France (so Teach for France haha) called TAPIF- Teaching Assistant Program in France. Except I won't be in the métropole, instead tropical paradise. I'd say it's a good deal. I get paid a little more to be on a tropical island in the Indian ocean near Madagascar for a year than I would if I were just in plain old grandmother Europe.

I'm SOO EXCITED! It's hard to keep focus when paradise awaits (but don't worry Dad I'm still attending class). My little guidebook on Mauritius, Réunion, and Seychelles arrived last night, I've been reading it at every free moment. Trying to plan my awesome adventures in the cirques and waters around the island. I also got confirmation of my acceptance yesterday, SO IT'S OFFICIAL! I won't know my specific assignment (type of school, length, and school location) for at least a month, but fingers crossed it's good. Already I'm talking to current and to be assistants there and trying to figure out prime housing spots (ie. beach + good nightlife).

CANNOT WAIT! Will keep updates on my upcoming ad