Sunday, July 24, 2011

Califonia Dreaming

So I graduated, passed the FE, and now sitting by the pool in my sunny California hotel that I'm calling home for the next few weeks. Becoming a grown up, scary.

I had my heart so set on Reunion Island, but a little over a month after accepting that fate I got a job offer for an engineering position in northern California. A job that I really was interested in and couldn't defer and had to make one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make, on par with deciding where to go to college. Ultimately I chose the California job for several personal and professional reasons and know I'm gonna be happy though at times I doubt myself. My compromise was that I'm still going to Reunion, just as a tourist on vacation rather than teacher and resident. I'm in touch with a lot of people there and hope to go in early 2012 once I get settled here in Cali.

It's been a busy summer- MD, DC, Julia's master's graduation in Seattle, a super stressful weekend apartment hunting in SF, a return to Ithaca, packing, moving. I now arrived in CA and I can't lie it feels weird, especially knowing I won't go home for a while and that the DC area really isn't my home anymore. I got an apartment and a great roommate starting in a few weeks and a job starting in a week.

Weather in south bay is fantastic- 80s, sunny, palm trees not the chilly fog of SF but also not the excitement of SF. There's not much to do around here, but I need the break so it's good for now. I'm excited to explore all of California and meet new people, get a fresh start. I also miss the East Coast like mad. I find myself latching onto all things east coast related-news, sports, references, I definitely feel like a fish out of water, but that's natural and I know I'll get adjusted in no time. It's gonna be good out here, I have a feeling. Julia's also moving here, which will be nice and make me feel more connected to home.

Going back to my palm tree filled terrace. Hello California!

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