Sunday, June 26, 2016

Goats, More Waterfalls, and Hot Springs- Day 5 West Iceland

Iceland is truly an amazing place.  On Day 5 we went to West Iceland around Borganes and Upper Borgarfjordur.  We encountered a super long 5.7km tunnel from Hvalfjordur to Borganes, empty roads, more sheep, wild horses, friendly goats, more watef falls, no cars, and super friendly locals.  West Iceland is an easy day drive from Reykjavik but way less tourists than the Golden Circle and the South.


After taking a long gravel road, thinking we were lost and knocking on 2 wrong doors, we finally found the goat farm Háafell in West Iceland.  So glad we did because the goats were soooo cute!  And some were even in Game of Thrones!

Goats from Game of Thrones.  Apparently several of the goats were picked up by the filming crew and taking to the filming location.

Brother of the famous Cassanova goat

Newborn baby goat (1 week old) who is just learning to walk and use his knees

Super friendly goat that jumped up on Emily

My favorite baby goat.

This symbol means "Point of Interest". So if you see it on the road, just follow the sign to find something interesting.

"Foss" means waterfall in Icelandic.  And boy are there a lot of fosses in Iceland. This is Barnafoss or "Children's Waterfall".  The story goes that on Christmas Day 2 children stayed at home while their families went to mass. When the families returned, the children were gone.  It was discovered that they fell off an arch and drowned in the waterfall, so their mom destroyed the arch so this could never happen again.  A foot bridge now exists over the waterfall where the arch supposedly was.

On the way back we stopped in quiet Reykholt and saw a hot spring, "hot pots", a church, and home dating to the 10th century.

Then we got dinner nearby and stopped at the Deildartunguhver hot spring, which is really really hot!

And once back in Reykjavik, we got a photo of the famous Viking boat sculpture

Another great day in Iceland!!


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