Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Fly Into the Party

Tel Aviv Round 2. 

I'm back in Israel, for just one week this time so decided it's time to bloooooog again. As soon as I stepped off the plane the adventures have commenced. 

First, I run into my coworkers in line for a rental car.  While they get upgraded, I get downgraded because I'm too young for an upgrade and they are out of cars in the rented class.  Seriously.  I have a very cute, bright orange Nissan Micra. So Euro.  Then I proceeded to drive it on airport walkway while following the exit signs from the garage.  The exit signs for pedestrians look exactly the same as the exit signs for cars and the ramp was hidden.  The best part is no one noticed except for some homeless lady who just looked at me so blasay (accents don't seem to be working so forgive my borrowed French expression grammar mistakes). My driving adventures continue when I get to the hotel and can't figure out the whole entrance thing, circle around, wait at the security gate again and then follow the security car onto the pier.  Yep I drove on the pier, realized something was wrong, parked, and ran away. No one seemed to notice, thank god.  This town must be so jaded to crazy drivers.

Within two hours of my arrival I made it to an Israeli house party where the arak was aflowin. Jet lag, work the next day irrelevant.  But really would anything else be expected?  Sleep is for the weak.  Actually I think this was a genious idea because I slept at normal(ish) hours and immediately was on the right time zone in the morning.  Clearly this is gonna be habitual.

Making the most of my week here.  Drove the team to work, trying my best to practice Hebrew, rented a bike share for the week, biked to Jaffa, HaTachana (the station- a converted old railway station), and the port (namal).

Weather is lovely, beach is packed.  Can't believe I'm back here and mostly can't believe how natural it feels to be here.

More adventures to follow.


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  1. Israeli drivers are so crazy -- no one would notice if you drive on the sidewalk ... if there is any!