Wednesday, February 29, 2012

11 Essential Hebrew Words & Phrases

These 11 phrases already have people thinking I'm Israeli and they'll work for you too!

  1. Od Echad, Bevakasha = Another One, Please
  2. Sababa = Cool/Ok.  As in "How are you" "Sababa" or "I'm saying all sorts of things in Hebrew that you completely don't understand because you only know one Hebrew word." "Sababa". If this is the only word you can remember, well then you can communicate pretty well in Israel.
  3. Ani Rotza (f)/ Rotzay (m) = I want ... Important for getting you want!
  4. Ken/Lo = Yes/ No. Almost as essential as Sababa
  5. Yella/ yella.yella = Come On (1 yella)/ Go Away (2 yellas). To say to get someone to get them to move it or really before anything like "yella, bye" or to an annoying person that you do not want to talk to "Yella, yella".
  6. Ma Nishma/Ma Kore/ Ma Shlomka = How Are you? It's good to pretend to be polite, people will like you more.
  7. Balagon = A mess
  8. Ya yin = Wine, essential to my vocabulary clearly
  9. ALLO! = EXCUSE ME!, Used when someone cuts you off in line or on the road, as in "Allo!, I know this is Israel and there are no rules of ettiquette in lines but WTF you just cut in front when I've been waiting for 20 min"
  10. Col Tov! = All Good!
  11. Eyfo Sherooteem? = Where's the bathroom?

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